How to Become a Member

We welcome your interest in becoming a member of Grace.  Please contact our pastor, Rev. Craig Sanders or Clerk of Session, Frank Bauerle for more information about becoming a member.

You can indicate your interest or intent in becoming a member in a number of ways:


In the Presbyterian Church, you can become a member in one of the following ways:

Profession of Faith

If you have not been baptized, we will ask you to make public your profession of faith and receive baptism. If you were baptized at an early age, but have not publicly professed your faith in Jesus Christ, we will ask you to do so during the worship service when we introduce you to the congregation.

Reaffirmation of Faith

Persons who have previously made a profession of faith, but have not been active recently in a church, or unable to transfer membership from another Protestant denomination, may join by reaffirmation of faith.

Letter of Transfer

Persons who have made a profession of faith and have been received into membership in a Presbyterian church or other Protestant denomination may be received by the Session upon receipt of a certificate of transfer from the church in which you were most recently a member. Our church office will make this request from your previous church on your behalf.