The Voices of Grace Chorale

Within our church family we’re simply known as “the choir” or the “Adult Choir,” but our full name is The Voices of Grace Chorale.  We sing in the 10:30 am Sunday service as well as other services from time to time.  We rehearse on Wednesday evenings for an hour and generally have a retreat or other extended rehearsal time once or twice a year.

In addition to leading and supporting congregational singing, we typically offer two or three pieces of choral music in each service.  We have participated in other musical presentations both denominational and ecumenical.  For many years now, we have also presented extended works of a “cantata” nature twice a year.  We have sung extended works by Handel, Mozart, Dvorak, Britten, and Brahms, as well as other masters.  We work hard and expect the best of ourselves for God’s glory.

We do our best to welcome new people to our ranks as God blesses us with singers, experienced or novice.  There are no auditions and no prerequisites other than a desire to give service through singing for the glory of God, and a willingness to work hard at learning music.

Our hope is to honor and worship God through music and to lead our brothers and sisters in Christ in worship through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We attempt to choose carefully and prepare the best sacred musical literature which we prepare for several weeks before singing in worship.  We feel successful when our service music aids in personally meaningful worship experiences for our congregants.  We identify strongly with the George Herbert prayer set so beautifully in Vaughan Williams’ Five Mystical Songs, “…or since all music is but three parts, vied and multiplied/ O let Thy blessed Spirit bear a part/ and make up our defects with His sweet Art.”