“Cursillo” is now Pilgrimage!

Pilgrimage Communion

Who? Presyterian Pilgrimage is intended for anyone who has faith in God and seeks continued growth in that faith and commitment.  Pilgrimage, unlike Cursillo before,  is no longer restricted just to Presbyterians.

Anyone may participate in a North Texas Presbyterian Pilgrimage (NTPP). Pilgrimage is not designed to convert from unbelief to belief. It is intended for those who seek continued growth in their faith and commitment.

What? Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a purposefully designed method for renewing the faith of individuals. Pilgrimage, a short course in living the Christian faith, is designed to provide a framework for the development of Christians in the local church and in the world. A Pilgrimage is a three day weekend retreat filled with short talks, music, fellowship, small group discussion and joyful experiences. But there is so much more. Perhaps you have heard of Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, Great Banquet or Upper Room weekends. These weekends all provide similar experiences. North Texas Presbyterian Pilgrimage is simply the Presbyterian version sponsored by the local Presbyterian community. The weekends are sponsored and led by lay men and women, with the participation and spiritual guidance of ordained ministers. The activities provide an opportunity for the participants to discover a new and exciting relationship with Christ and to encourage them to take this new found relationship back to their home, work and church environments.
Why? The Pilgrimage experience is not about worshiping on Sunday mornings. It is about living the Christian life everyday, no matter where you are. It is not just about a weekend — it is intended to last a lifetime. After attending a Pilgrimage weekend, participants are encouraged to join small groups to renew enthusiasm, affirm one anthers faith journey, share experiences and encourage one another in the Christian life. Reformation and renewal in Christ are indispensable to our participation in the unfolding and expansion of God’s Kingdom. Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a vital and exciting resource for renewal, and Presbyterian men and women are encouraged to participate no matter where they are in their faith journey.

Pilgrimage Weekends
NTPP #32 / March 1-4, 2012 / Lake LaVon Baptist Encampment / Emily Nichols, Moderator

The NTPP community sponsors two Pilgrimage weekends each year. Follow this link for more information about Pilgrimage  in the North Texas Community: Pilgrimage

For more information about a specific weekend, send an e-mail to registrar@ntpcursillo.org or contact a Cursillista (someone who has attended or staffed a Cursillo) or Pilgrim from the congregation at Grace Presbyterian in Arlington.

A Pilgrimage weekend is three days long… but lasts a lifetime