Youth Connection – Sunday School

Grace Presbyterian Youth Connection (GPYC)

Youth Overview

Youth are an important part of the community here at Grace.  We work hard to keep our Youth involved in worship and Children’s ministry.  They volunteer for VBS, make dinners for meetings and adult classes, and invite the rest of the church to be active in their missions.  Our program is constantly changing and evolving to fit the needs of our Youth, our church, and our community.  One warning, GPYC might just change YOU!

Sunday School

Summer hours 9:30-10:20 Rm.  103 for 7th through 12th grade
This class is led by our Youth Director, Jenny Ross and at least one other adult from the congregation rotates in and out.  The materials change from quarter to quarter, but the lessons we learn are paramount to the developing faith of teens.  We study the Old Testament, New Testament, and then study how we can apply those lessons to our lives and how to share the Gospel with those around us.  We learn to find God in pop culture, we learn and then practice the ways Jesus said we need to treat each other, and we learn how important our relationship with God is and how to keep it healthy. Join us for an hour of reading, learning, and lively discussion. It is a time for us to be disciples and learn, so we can be apostles and show the world the face of Christ the rest of the week.

Confirmation and Commissioning Class

The Confirmation and Commissioning Class is open to youth in the seventh grade or above who are interested in exploring the call to become a member of Grace. Classes usually start in early February and run through May with the youth that feel called to become members joining the Church on Pentecost Sunday. The class typically meets on Sunday afternoons and studies the basis of being a Presbyterian using the Bible, the Book of Confession and the Study Catechism as key learning aids.

Each youth is paired with a mentor – a church member that works with the youth as the class explores God’s call in the youth’s life. The Confirmation Class usually takes a couple of field trips to explore different Christian traditions and does a mission project. The goal of the class is to help the youth listen for God’s call and help equip them to live in response to God’s action in their lives.

Youth Group

On Sunday evenings, we have Youth time from 5pm until 8pm.  This is a mixture of fun, learning, and mission activities.  We usually have dinner, time to socialize, and a short devotional every Sunday night.  Some of our activities have included putting together hygiene kits, NERF night, swimming, zoo visits, board games, blanket making, prayer night, and science experiment night.  In the Fall, we have a camping retreat; and in the Spring, we retreat or have a Day Away.  We also attend concerts at Levitt Pavilion and others like Winter Jam.  We have lately become interested in theater with and for our children’s ministry.  The Youth help plan their activities, so come join us and tell us what you like to do!  We meet all year long, sometimes more than once a week in the summer!

Youth Mission

The Youth take an annual week-long mission trip in the summer to Goodland Academy in Hugo, OK (  We head to Waco to serve food and worship with the Church Under the Bridge twice a year.  We participate in 30 Hour Famine, Souper Bowl of Sharing, Mission Arlington’s Christmas store, and much more!  We are always looking for a new place in our church, city, state, region, country, or world where we can help.  We recently fell in love with the East Broad Street Outreach Center in Mansfield and plan to spend some time and energy there.

Outside the Church

Our Youth also participate in Presbyterian held events like Senior High Youth Connection, Synod Youth Workshop, and North Texas Celebration (Pilgrimage for youth).  Some of our Youth are leaders at these events, as well as at Presbytery level.  There are many camps and retreats that we attend and help facilitate.  We encourage and enable kids to participate in programs outside of our group.  We also partner up with other churches, Presbyterian and other denominations, for special events and occasions, and sometimes just for fun!