Parents Guide to Children in Worship

We believe the Gospel is for persons of all ages, and we welcome all to be a part of our worship experience.  Worship is a significant means whereby our faith as Christians is formed and expressed.  Children learn by worshiping with the congregation Sunday after Sunday.  When we support and encourage the children and their parents in worship, the congregation is fulfilling the vows they made at each child’s baptism.

In worship, children…

  • Learn they are God’s special people, they belong to Christ, and are welcome in his church.  They discover they are valued as persons by God and by God’s people at church.
  • Begin to see worship as a place where God speaks to them…through scripture, prayers, music, and the loving community of believers.
  • Become aware that worship is important to their family…both the immediate family and their church family.
  • Develop an awareness of their Christina heritage through the repeated use of the Lord’s Prayer, doxologies, creeds, and hymns.
  • Hear stories from the Bible read and interpreted, many of which they recognize from Sunday School.
  • Gain rich and memorable experiences which help form the foundation of their faith.