Philip Graber Memorial Scholarship


God is at work, doing a new thing at Grace. The session of Grace, in coordination with the family of the late Rev. Philip Graber, has instituted a memorial fund in Rev. Graber’s name to help seminary students with their finances during their time of study in preparation for full time ministry.

The Philip Graber Memorial Fund will be an ongoing ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church. Students may apply to it for funding to pursue studies in ministry of the church at the seminary level.

Because of an unforeseen opportunity to have several family members of Rev. Graber in actual attendance at Grace on the August 31, it was decided to have the dedication of the fund on that Sunday morning.

Even if you missed the opportunity to be in those services that day, you still have an ongoing opportunity to be a part of this new thing through your donation. It is not knowable by us how far into the world and into the future might be the results of this fund for God’s kingdom.

A recipient of this funding might eventually translate the New Testament into a new language or pastor a dynamic church in Minneapolis or Sydney or become the youth director of a young person who is to become “the next Billy Graham.” These are all possible but, for us, unknowable outcomes. But if you donate, you become a part of those and unlimited other possibilities.

You may have heard the Texas Lottery proclaim that you “can’t win if you don’t play.” Well, how about taking a chance on this “lottery” and its unforeseeable outcomes? That would be truly putting up some treasures in heaven “where neither rust nor moth consume nor thieves break in and steal.” Actually, this is one place where you just can’t lose. And everybody wins.