Adult Education

Sunday Classes

Contemporary Issues – This class centers discussions around “The Wired Word” (an online site) and related Bible verses. Conversation is lively as participants talk about contemporary issues and how we as Christians deal with, and respond to those issues in our daily lives.

Soul Sisters – This class chooses wonderful studies of particular interest to women. The class has recently been involved in Uppity Women of the Bible, a DVD study series, and  Unfailing Love: Growing Closer to Jesus Christ  by Rebecca Laird.

The Present Word – This class focuses on Bible studies from both historic and contemporary perspectives.  Thought-provoking books and DVDs are chosen for the class. They will be studying Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”  August 2014.

Christianity 101 – This class is led by our pastor, Reverend Craig Sanders, and explores what it means to be a Christian in the reformed tradition. Summer 2014  they will be beginning a 7-week study of the book of Roman using books by N.T. Wright, Timothy Keller, and John Scott as resources.

Adult Vacation Bible School  

Adult VBS occurs in the summer. Last year it was held in  conjunction with children’s VBS and was enjoyed by all participants. We will be following that plan again this year. The dates will be announced early summer..  Program focus will be the wanderings of Moses and the chosen people as God guides them to the Promised Land. Rollin Phipps, Egyptologist, and retired UTA professor, will lead the Adult studies.

We also believe very strongly in supporting those who aspire to the ministry. Named after a former member of Grace, we endow the Philip Graber Memorial Fund to help seminary students with the cost of their schooling.