The main purpose of the library ministry is to choose books and media that support the church curriculum and its congregants. We house the type of information and media that would not be found through any other source in the community in which we serve.

Our regular meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 in the church library.  We study the needs of the congregation through surveys and suggestions.  We issue a monthly article for the GraceVine highlighting new books and bringing the congregation up-to-date information about “What’s New” in the library.

At present, our library contains approximately 2000+ materials, including books and audiovisual materials. We subscribe to several magazines, including “Christianity Today”, “Guidepost”, “Presbyterians Today”, “Books & Culture”, “Horizons”, and “Reformed Worship”. We also house the CD’s of each Sunday’s sermons. Among some of our other responsibilities, we repair our hymnals, produce a yearly scrapbook, showcasing most of the activities of Grace.

Members of the committee for 2013 include: Carol Bogart, certified librarian; Barb McAllister, Ann Livingston, Tom Denny, Christopher Coffman, Jennifer King, Susan Musfeldt, Session Liaison and Becky Menti, certified librarian and Moderator.