Life at Grace

VISION (Session Focus Areas)

Session Focus Areas

Session has been meeting over the course of 2013 and working on goals for the Session and for Grace.  The primary objective for developing the goals that follow is the desire to glorify God and build up what we are doing at Grace to bring his Kingdom to the world.

The “Main Goals are driven out of a desire to provide

•       Spiritual growth for existing members and other attending GPC so that we can;

•       Serve the community by sharing God’s love, and

•       Develop a passion to expand the body of Christ.

We are in Agreement that we should Focus on churched families to give them a heart for the un-churched people.

When we approach the goals above, we view it as a process.  The illustration below amplifies the three steps of 1. Bringing In; 2. Building Up; 3. Sending Out.


The illustration of the three key ideas speaks to the need to connect with a member or potential member of the congregation based on where they are in their spiritual journey.  Regardless of where they happen to be, we still have to offer a way they can learn what makes Grace work and how they want to fit into God’s work through Grace Church.

This leads us to the Session test for what we are doing through the church against these goals.  We need to be sure that our ministries and programs can be checked against our goals above and the Bring In, Build Up, and Send Out mandate that we draw from those goals.

To the above ends, we are going to make an effort to migrate ministry structures to support this approach.  We have reviewed the operational approach we have been taking and would like to begin a transition process to consolidate and streamline things on a path towards a “simpler” church.  We will also be doubling up serving elders on areas to provide for collaboration and cooperation between the various functional areas of our church leadership.

The new Structure combines church ministries into 5 categories.  These new ministry umbrellas take on all the functional areas present in our current ministry structure.  For some ministries, the change will be almost no difference, for others the integration of previously separate functions will require a bit more effort.

There is also an expectation that the new teams will require that some functions that were standalone be shared by all the ministries.  For example the Encouragement & Nurture function around church gatherings will now be the responsibility of each ministry that chooses to put on events for the church.  We believe that ministry ownership of their events has been embraced by some ministries taking responsibility on themselves to set up location, decorations, and meals to support their planned events. and it is a model that can work for other aspects of the church.


To clarify the objectives of each of the new ministry teams what follows is a brief description of the deliverables to the church for each ministry.

Spiritual Enrichment

•       The Spiritual enrichment shall nurture the spiritual life of children, youth, and adults by providing meaningful and challenging worship experiences and fellowship activities to stimulate and engage participants.

•       Ministry tasks include: development of worship and worship service materials, spiritual gifts through fellowship activities, and library maintenance that fosters development and enrichment as a primary focus.


•       The Education Ministry shall oversee an all-age education plan, supervise and support the teams providing classes and learning experiences for all pre-school through adults.

•       Tasks include: ordering curriculum materials, Teacher recruitment, teacher orientation/development, VBS development and approval for children and adults


•       The Prayer Ministry shall help the members of GPC in the path to seek a better connection to God, help us care for the world, and commit to our church.

•       The purpose of the prayer ministry is to give members an opportunity to commit to learning about prayer and being personally involved in prayer, care for one another and lead the congregation in communal prayer.

Mission and Neighborhood Outreach

•       This ministry shall share the Good News through serving and loving others in the community and world.

•       The ministry shall oversee informational brochures, publicity for special events and all outreach activities.

•       They will coordinate mission activities for church wide, youth, WOG, and any other group doing mission work or fund raising.


•       The Administration Ministry shall take care of the church property and building, finances, audio and visual materials, and components.

•       Ministry tasks include church scheduled maintenance, plant/equipment improvements, financial statements, budget preparation, coordination of communication to the congregation, visitors, and community

In closing, this is a work in process.  Over the next several months closing out 2013, things will be much as they have been.  We will begin the sharing and explaining of our vision to the congregation so that we can be in the described model above as we move into 2014.